Monday, 30 March 2015

ECLIPSE: Enlightenment

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ECLIPSE: Enlightenment

4 April 2015

Time: 7-8pm
Price: Free but ticketed
Temporary Artworks Programme at Castle Mill Works
Evening Event
Please note that this event is free but ticketed. You can book your place HERE.
Venue: The Community Forge, Fountainbridge. (near Castle Mill Works, Gilmore Park)

Coinciding with the lunar eclipse on the 4th of April and the recent eclipse in March, David Faithfull’s ‘Moon draws Sun/Earth draws Moon’ has been projected onto the side of Castle Mill Works in Fountainbridge.

As part of the DARK MATTERS Project with Edinburgh Printmakers and the UKATC, join poet Ken Cockburn round the bonfire in discussion with the artist, to discuss the art installation and its connections with Enlightenment and the historic Grove Print Works directly across the road from the Castle Mill Works site.
Cockburn will be focusing on Edinburgh’s own intellectual and publishing heritage, particularly the printing of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in Fountainbridge from 1777 – 1826.


Preparing for the lunar eclipse on the 4th of April, unfortunately only visible in the southern hemisphere this time around. 

Dr William Taylor from the UKATC adjusting the projection device 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


The Eclipse Maker with Cresent Moon, designed by DF, HS, WT & WC, built by the UKATC and the Forge